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Midwest Forest Products Company
Chip Plants

Mercer Chip Plant

The Mercer facility was purchased in 1979, and primarily supplied debarked aspen for Wausau Paper in Brokaw, Wisconsin. Secondary markets were comprised of hardwood chips for SAPPI Fine Paper in Cloquet, Minnesota, Softwood for Mosinee Paper, and hardwood chips for International Paper in Quinessec, Michigan.

The facility covers approximately 35 acres in the city of Mercer, with an additional 60 acre woodyard on the outskirts of town. Both locations have class “A” highway access, and are within the Michigan pulpwood truck reciprocity zone. Combined pulpwood storage capacity is over 40,000 cords. 

The Mercer facility is the longest operating chip mill in the lake states, and has produced over one million cords of machine peeled wood and chips during its life.

Iron  River Chip Plant

The Iron River chip mill was built in 2000 to serve a kraft mill in Cloquet, Minnesota. The mill has two Manitowoc 2200 ring debarkers, a Carthage 96 inch 10-knife chipper, and a General Electric 800 hp motor. The mill can produce 750 to 3,000 tons per week, depending on chip orders.

The site covers 87 acres, with 40 acres zoned industrial. Current pulpwood storage capacity exceeds 40,000 cords, with ample room for expansion. Located on a class A highway, Michigan configured pulpwood trucks have access to this woodyard from the Michigan border – 64 miles away. These factors, along with a certified scale, gated access and surveillance cameras make this an ideal location for woodyard operations.


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