midwest forest products

woodyard management
+ scaling

Midwest Forest Products Company has 30+ years of experience in managing woodyards and remote inventories.


We currently manage four woodyards for customers at remote locations.  We provide extensive training for our scalers, and pride ourselves on our accuracy and inventory control. 


portable debarking + chipping

Midwest Forest Products Company operates two portable debarkers, both of which are capable of operating with chippers to offer transportable chipmills which produce pulpmill quality chips.


Each portable debarker has two knuckle boom loaders, a Manitowoc 1800 ring debarker, and is powered by a 330 horse power diesel engine. These portables operate regularly throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, and have also operated in New Hampshire, Maine, Alabama, and Ontario, Canada. This division of the company has operated since 1977 and is capable of producing up to 50,000 cords of machine peeled wood or chips annually.


Primarily used for shortwood operations, these machines can be configured for tree-length operations as well.

watch the process

pellet production

In 2009 MFPC, along with its partner, Indeck Energy brought online a first-class wood pellet production facility in Ladysmith, WI. The plant is capable of producing up to 90,000 tons of wood pellets per year, with the ability to deliver its product in bag or bulk, by truck or rail. MFPC is responsible for the plant’s wood procurement activities.


A certified truck scale, rail spur with bulk loading bin/storage, and cutting-edge wood processing and handling equipment, the Indeck Ladysmith Biofuel Center is a tour de force of the pellet industry.

indeck energy